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People find their way to your website, but they are not taking the desired actions. That's not only throwing your marketing budget down the drain, but also a waste of your efforts. Why don't they convert? Maybe there is no call-to-action on the right place, maybe decisive information is missing, maybe it's not clear how they can register ... It's pure guesswork! Luckily, you can now book a UX audit to help you pinpoint the problem(s) and convince your management that it could be done better.


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What is UX?

The UX of your website has only one goal: giving your website visitors the best possible experience. It basically boils down to showing the right content to the right people at the right moment. But what is 'right', who is 'right' and when is 'right', right? (Pun intended)

In this audit, our experts mainly focus on improving the usability of your website, taking real user behavior into account. They will perform checks on: 

- The navigation & information architecture
- Task orientation
- Forms
- Trust & credibility
- Copywriting
- Layout & design
- The home page
- Search function
- Help, feedback & dealing with errors

By doing all that, we identify and map out the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Is there room for improvement? What severe usability issues might be impacting your conversion rate?

The best part? Improving the usability will automatically translate into better results for your business.


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How does it work?


Intake meeting

What do you want to accomplish with your website? We'll plan an intake meeting, during which you can introduce your business and explain how your website works. In that way, we perfectly understand what it should do. 


Screening your site

Next, one of our UX experts will start working on your audit. Your website will be thoroughly screened. Based on 200 (!) checks, we will gain insight in what you should keep doing and what you should improve. 


Sharing the audit

Finally, we'll come back to you and share everything we found out about your website. You'll receive a clear presentation with a report of our findings, our recommendations and - last but not least - the complete checklist, so you know what to work on. 

"When working on your website, everyone has recommendations on what to improve. Sometimes based on knowledge, sometimes on personal preferences. That's why I really enjoy working with Duke & Grace. An audit by their UX experts results in a structured list of both big and small improvements, which allows you to start improving your website immediately."
Davy Postelmans, Communications Manager at Toerisme Limburg

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