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You have killer online marketing campaigns, but you can't seem to achieve your desired KPIs. That's not only throwing your marketing budget down the drain, but also a waste of your efforts. How can you make your digital campaigns more performant? You're at a loss what to do. And that's okay. Because every marketeer has been there. Luckily, you can now make an appeal to our Online Marketing Audit. Together, we can untie the strategic knot and give you the insights you need to build an online marketing plan that actually delivers. 


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What can you expect?

By performing an audit on your current online marketing, we can efficiently map out a list of improvements for your company. We will review three major pillars:

1. Data: analytics review
2. Search: SEO/SEA review
3. Social media: social review

You will receive a clear overview of the underlying problems and a presentation that you can easily use internally to defend how your online marketing should be adapted to achieve the desired results.

And all of this at a reasonable price, since we can bundle the workload. 

Analytics review

Are you getting the right insights from your Google Analytics or other data sources? And how can you translate these insights to concrete actions to improve your strategy? We'll answer these questions during our analytics review. 

SEO/SEA review

Search can be a huge traffic driver for your website. Are you using it the right way? Is your content performing well? Are you integrating the right keywords? And are your website visitors converting, once they have landed on your website? During our SEO/SEA review, we'll figure it out. 

Social review

Is your social media on point? Are you using the right channels and is the content you're sharing performing well and contributing to your overall strategy? We'll have a look at all your organic and paid social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube ...) to give you the insights you need. 

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